Public Health Interventions

Health and Well-Being at the Forefront. At Diadem Consults, we are deeply committed to designing and implementing public health interventions that have positively impacted thousands in Nigeria, guiding them towards healthier living.

Our expertise spans across various disease areas, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and sexual and reproductive health. We have a strong focus on providing family planning resources to adolescents and young people.

Comprehensive HIV Services: With over seven years of experience, we offer a full range of HIV services, especially for key populations. Our initiatives have reached over 50,000 clients in the last decade, providing prevention, care, and treatment services. Operating in three Nigerian states through 12 one-stop-shops, our team of 200 full-time and over 800 ad-hoc staff ensures impactful service delivery.

Prevention Services: We conduct community-level mapping and validation of key population hotspots to guide program implementation. Our efforts extend to training community members and enumerating key populations, including in virtual hotspots. In collaboration with KNCV and funded by USAID, we also map healthcare providers for TB screening and treatment capabilities.

HIV Testing: Our organization is adept at various HIV testing strategies, including index testing, social networking testing services, and HIV self-testing at both facility and community levels.

Biomedical Prevention: We ensure a continuous supply of essential prevention materials like condoms and lubricants, alongside conducting educational sessions. Our pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) programming has initiated over 6,000 individuals, with extensive training for healthcare providers.

Linkage Services: Since 2015, in partnership with the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria and CDC funding, we’ve employed innovative strategies to link HIV positive clients to treatment services, achieving over 98% linkage rates.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: We actively engage in the screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, including cryotherapy for anogenital warts and syndromic management during community outreaches.

HIV Care and Treatment: Our program, in collaboration with IHVN’s ACHIEVE program and CDC, focuses on comprehensive care for key populations, maintaining high retention and viral suppression rates. We also implement family index testing strategies to reach children of HIV positive individuals.

Community ART Program: Launched in 2018, this program facilitates treatment initiation and drug refills at the community level, involving community pharmacists to support clients.

Enhanced Adherence Counselling: We employ strategies to improve adherence and retention, even for clients with low viremia.

Viral Load Coverage and Suppression: Our structured approach ensures high coverage of viral load testing, using various strategies including home-based sample collection.

Partnerships for Program Sustainability: We collaborate with State Ministries of Health, AIDS Control Agencies, and Civil Based Organizations to enhance program acceptability and sustainability.

Stigma Reduction and Training: We focus on reducing stigma and discrimination among key populations, providing technical support to health facilities and conducting training for healthcare workers.

Harm Reduction: Funded by the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria, and National Aligned HIV/AIDS Initiative, we implement a comprehensive harm reduction program for People Who Inject Drugs in Rivers State.

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